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Hair Color Crossword Puzzle

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Hair color

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Across Down
3 2 step technique of lightening the hair then using a toner.
5 Type of hair color that penetrates the cuticle and is deposit only
7 The process of diffusing natural hair color for the hair
8 Type of color application that is applied 1 time to either lighten the natural hair color or to deposit haircolor
10 The visible line or band between 2 different haircolors , natural or artivicial
14 Haircolor that deposits color and fades four to six weeks
15 Produces red and yellow pigments in the hair
16 Techniques used to create color dimension and the look of texture
17 A test to check for skin sensitivity or an allergy to a product or chemical. 'Patch test'
1 A system that helps understand color relationships
2 Colors created by mixing a primary color with a neighboring secondary color
4 This lightener is available in cream, oil, and sometimes powder and can be used on the scalp.
5 A foiling technique that is performed by parting off thin subsections of hair in a straight way.
6 Red and yellow are what type of colors
9 System used to determine the darkness or lightness of a color
11 The middle layer of the hair. Where melanin is found.
12 A concentrated haircolor that can deepen or brighten another haircolor
13 Type of hair color where no mixing is needed because there is no chemical reaction
17 Type of haricolor used to deposit or lighten the natural pigments in the cortex.
18 The strength of a color's appearance.
19 Hair color that creates a chemical change and comes in permanent and demi-permanent
20 Haircolor that only covers the cuticle and typically washes out after the first shampoo
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