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Across Down
2 is small, solid peice of materials that come from rocks or living things.
4 most rocks are made up of particles of minerals and geologist call it what?
8 it inclued for tools and building meterials
9 is the process in which in dissolved minerals crystllized and glue particles of sediment together.
10 is igneous rock from lava that erupted onto earths surface.
11 is when magma hardened beneath the surface of earths
12 is a sedimentary rock form when rock fragment are squeese together.
15 form when minerals disovled in a water solution crystillized.
18 is formed sedimentary rock formed when rock fragment are squeezed together
1 is the process by which sedimentary settles out of the water or wind carrying it
3 is a rock on earth surface is constantly on earths's surface constantly broken up
5 is the look and feel of a rock surface
6 is he process that presses sedimentary together
7 is any rock that forms from another rock as a result of changing in heat or pressure
13 is a dark colored rock that has lover silica content that granite has
14 is a flat layering found in mos metamorphic to create the foliated texure of gnneiss
16 is the process by or carrying away bits of broken up rocks
17 is a series of processes that slowly change rocks from one kind to another
19 is generally a light colored rock that has high silica content
20 is fined- grained, extrusive igneous rock with a composition that is simular to granite
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