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Happy Australia Day Crossword Puzzle

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Happy Australia Day

                      6 7                                  
            8   9                             10            
                                      12   13                
                  14                           15            
      18                                     19              
              20                             21              
Across Down
3 Australian dish with meat
4 The second largest city in Australia
6 A famous bridge in Sydney
9 Australian actress who portrayed Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad
11 Famous dish from Lorraine you can find in Australia
14 Where you can listen to classical music in Sydney
16 January 26th
18 Small animal you can find in Tasmania
19 A famous Australian animal with a pouch
20 Ornithorynque
21 Australian biscuits
22 Where you can surf in Sydney
23 The sate capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia
24 Australian animal that looks like a koala and a mouse
1 Aboriginal legends about the creation of our world
2 Aboriginal musical instrument
5 Aussie term for McDonald's
7 Indigenous Australians
8 Small island next to Australia
10 A baby kangaroo
12 Cubes of sponge cake coated in chocolate and dried coconut
13 Famous animal from Australia
15 When you go under water to see fish
17 The capital of Australia
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