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Hazards And Disasters Crossword Puzzle

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Hazards and Disasters

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1 A dangerous condition or event or occurrence that has the potential for causing inj y ur to life or damage the property or the environment
6 __________ is an area of land that is saturated or covered with water at some point during the growing season so that certain soil characteristics and plant species are present.
8 The instrument used to measure seismic waves is a ___________.
10 Earth processes (involving the lithosphere, hydro and atmosphere) that, upon interaction with human activity cause loss of life and property.
11 Small earthquakes that follow the first earthquake.
13 The extent to which a community, structure, services or geographic area is likely to be damaged or disrupted by the impact of particular hazard, on account account of their nature , construction and proximity to hazardous terrains or a disaster prone
14 The sudden release of energy when rock breaks may cause one huge mass of rock to slide past another mass of rock into a different relative position.
15 Measures that are required in search and rescue of survivors survivors, as well to meet the basic needs for shelter shelter, water, food and health care.
19 Wetlands in the ____________ system are dominated by trees, shrubs, emergents, mosses, or lichens.
20 The final of the three safety actions you should take when an earthquake occurs.
2 An ____________ is a geophysical hazard caused by a large amount of snow sliding down a mountainside
3 The first of the three safety actions you should take when an earthquake occurs.
4 Large destructive wave caused by an earthquake in the ocean.
5 ___________ scale is used to measure the strength of an earthquake.
7 Permanent measures to repair or replace damaged dwellings and infrastructure and to set the economy back on course
9 The area closest to where the earthquake occurs.
12 The second of three safety actions you should take when an earthquake occurs.
16 Cracks in the earth’s crust where earthquakes occur.
17 Earthquakes can happen without ________.
18 A __________ is the lack of rain for a long time
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