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Health Professions Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Health Professions

                                              U                     O                              
                                        P     D                     R                              
                                        A     I                     T                              
                                        R     O                     H                              
                                        A     L                     O     M                        
                                  N     M     O                     P     A                        
                                  U     E     G                     T     S                        
                                  R     D     I                     I     S                        
                                  S     I     S                     S     A                        
                                M E D I C A L T E C H N O L O G I S T     G                        
                    M I D W I F E                                         E                        
                                D I E N T I T I A N N U T R I T I O N I S T                        
                                I                                         H                        
                                C L I N I C A L P S Y C H O L O G I S T   E                        
                                A                                         R                        
                                L                                         A                        
                              O R T H O T I S T P R O S T H E T I S T     P                        
                                A                                         I                        
                            M E D I C A L D O S I M E T R I S T           S                        
                                I                                         T                        
        C                     R A D I A T I O N T H E R A P I S T                                  
        H                       T                                             K                    
        I       P               I                                             I                    
        R       E               O C C U P A T I O N A L T H E R A P I S T     N                    
        O       D               N                                             E                    
        P       O               S P E E C H L A N G U A G E P A T H O L O G I S T                  
        R       R               C                                         U   I                    
        A       T               I                                         I   O                    
        C       H             R E S P I R A T O R Y T H E R A P I S T     D   T                    
        T       I               N                                         A   H                    
N E U R O P H Y S I O L O G I S T   P         P         D           M     N   E                    
        R       T               I   E         H   M     E     S     U     C   R                    
                                S U R G I C A L T E C H N O L O G I S T   E   A                    
P H Y S I C A L T H E R A P I S T   F     L   E   D     T     C     I     C   P                    
H                                   U     I   B   I     A     I     C     O   I                    
A                                   S     N   O   C     L     A     T     U   S                    
R                                   I     I   T   A     H     L     H     N   T                    
M                                   O     C   O   L     Y     W     E     S                        
A                                   N     A   M   A     G     O     R   H E A L T H E D U C A T O R
C                                   I     L   I   S     I     R     A     L                        
I                                   S     O   S   S     E     K     P     O                        
S                                   T     F   T   I     N     E     I     R                        
T                                         F   S   S     I     R     S                              
                                          I       T     S           T                              
                                          C       A     T                                          
                                          E       N                                                
                                          R       T                                                
Across Down
6 performs a variety of task on body fluids, from simple blood test to more complex test to uncover abnormalities in the body, and underlying causes of illnesses, such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes, and cancer .
7 professionals with expertise and skills in helping women maintain healthy pregnancies, assists in or perform childbirth delivery, and help in women's recovery process through the postpartum period.
8 promotes good health through proper diet and treatment of diseases.
9 assesses, diagnoses , treats and helps prevent mental disorders.
10 makes and fits prosthetics or artificial parts for the human body.
11 designs treatment plans for patients by means of computer and/or manual computation to determine a treatment field technique that will deliver that prescribed radiation dose while taking into consideration the dose-limiting structures.
13 administers radiations therapy services to patients and observes patients during treatment; other duties may include tumor localization, patient follow-up, patients education, and record keeping.
16 uses purposeful activity and interventions to maximize the independence and health of any client who is limited by physical injury or illness, cognitive impairment, psychosocial dysfuctions, mental illnes, or learning disability.
17 diagnoses and treats patients with functional and organic speech defects and disorders.
19 specializes in the promotion of optimum cardiopulmonary function and health; regularly deals with various chronic respiratory diseases,such as asthma and emphysema.
20 specializes in the diagnosis of conditions affecting the nervous system such as neuromuscular diseases, epilepsy, and nerve entrapments.
27 a member of the surgical team who serves as as scrub technician or as a circulator
29 examines,evaluates, and treats physical impairments through use of special exercise, application of heat or cold, and other physical modalities.
30 specializes in health education and promotes the development of health knowledge, life skills, and a positive attitudes toward the health and well-being of students.
1 identifies and rehabilitates hearing impairments and related disorders.
2 investigates, diagnoses and treats defects of binocular vision and abnormalities related to eye movement; involves seeing patients of all ages from infants to the elderly.
3 gives emergency medical treatment or assists medical professionals in emergency situations.
4 performs the scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body for the purpose of normalizing those tissues; uses manual techniques that include applying fixed or movable pressure on affected parts of the body.
5 trained to provide care for people who are sick or injured; monitors patients' health and records symptoms, assists physicians during examinations and treatment, and administers medications
6 performs complex diagnostic imaging studies on patients and plans and administers radiation treatments.
12 diagnoses and treats neuromuscular disorders ,with emphasis on treatment through manual adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine.
14 develops and monitors exercise programs to help people regain muscle strength and function lost due to injury or disease.
15 are foot orthotic and orthopedic footwear experts trained in the assessment of lower limb anatomy and muscle and joint function.
18 assists students with personal, family, education, and career decisions and concerns; also hepls them develop job-finding skills and other life skills needed to prevent and deal with problems.
21 assists in performing procedures that involve extracorporeal circulation, such as during open-heart surgery hypothermia.
22 professionals with special training in phlebotomy or drawing blood from patients.
23 specializes in the removal of calcaneous deposits and stains from patients' and provides additional services and imformation on prevention of oral diseases.
24 uses music within a therapeutic relationship adress a client's needs,such as facilitating movement and physical rehabilitation motivating the client to cope with treatment, providing emotinal support.
25 performs, under the direction of a physician, various routine administrative and nontechnical clinical tasks in hospitals, clinics, and other similar facilitates.
26 investigates, treats, and gives aid to people with social problem and helps people with mental illnes, serious health conditions, financial difficulties, substance abuse problems, domestic or child abuse, unwanted pregnancy and other social problems.
28 performs general medical duties such as diagnosis and treatment of disease and injury, recommendation and interpretation of medical test, performance of routine medical ang surgical procedures, and referral of patients to other practitioners
29 prepares and dispenses medication prescribed by licensed health professionals; also provides information to patients regarding drugs, and consults with healthcare professionals on advances in drugs or medicine.
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