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Hearing Terms Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Hearing Terms

  S                 S                      
T U N I N G C U R V E                 P    
  P                         N         O    
  E L E C T R I C A L P O T E N T I A L S  
  R                         U   H     A    
H I G H T H R E S H O L D   R   A     R    
  O                 N       A   L   B E L T
  R                 S       L   A          
C O C H L E A       E           M          
  L                 T           U          
  I M P E D A N C E             S          
  A R E A R A T I O                        
  C H O P P E R                            
  M                   N                    
  P R I M A R Y L I K E                    
  L                   U                    
T E M P O R A L E     R                    
  X   I     P       C O R E                
      N     E         N                    
      N     X                              
Across Down
3 composite of the responses of a single fiber at each frequency of presentation
6 result of basilar membrane displaced upward and activated hair cells
8 neurons that require high intensity and encompass the higher end of our auditory range of signal intensity
10 region of auditory cortex that surrounds the core area for auditory reception
11 the frequency specificity refers to the ability of the _______ to differentiate the various spectral components of a signal
12 resistance to the flow of energy
13 the _______ between the tympanic membrane and the oval window provides a significant gain in output over input
14 _________ responses show a periodic, chopped temporal pattern as long as the tone is present
16 firing pattern that resembles VIII nerve responses
17 the planum ________ is posterior to Heschl's gyrus
20 the _______ of the auditory cortex is responsible for primary reception of the auditory signal and is divided into three portions
1 the cochlea has a tonotopic arrangement with high frequency sounds resolved at the _______
2 primary site of localization of sound in space
4 the planum ________ is anterior to Heschl's gyrus
5 post stimulus time histograms are plots of _________ response relative to the onset of a stimulus
7 medial geniculate body is a relay of the __________
9 _________ responses show an initial response to the onset of a stimulus followed by silence
15 interspike interval histograms record the interval between successive firings of a __________
18 aids in localization of sound in space, funnels acoustical information to the external auditory meatus
19 the cochlea has a tonotopic arrangement with low frequency sounds processed toward the ______
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