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Heart OF Science Crossword Puzzle

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Heart of Science

7   8                                  
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Across Down
3 return blood to the heart (5)
5 smallest branching blood vessel forming a network (9)
6 type of blood the pulmonary veins are carrying (10)
9 what is the name of the valve that prevent backflow of blood into the right atrium when the right ventricle contracts? (9)
10 the heart is located within the _________ (11)
11 these superior and inferior vessels enter the right atrium (5,5)
13 the heart is composed of this type of muscle (7)
14 these arteries carry deoxygenated blood to the lungs (9)
18 the pulmonic and aortic valves are also known as _________ valves (9)
19 how many chambers does the heart have? (4)
20 what do the ventricles do while the atria contract? (5)
21 region of heart where great vessels enter and leave (4)
1 the ___________ arteries supply blood to the heart muscle itself (8)
2 vessel where oxygenated blood leaves the heart (5)
4 these ensure there is no backflow of blood (6)
5 this structure connects the cusps of the AV valves to the ventricles (7,8)
7 pulmonary veins enter the left ________ (6)
8 the ________ (5) atrium receives deoxygenated blood from the vena cava
12 pointy region of the heart (4)
15 the ________ (4) ventricle is the hardest working cardiac chamber and therefore has the thickest myocardium
16 bloods from the right atrium flows into the right ________ (9)
17 carry blood away from the heart (8)
18 where the coronary veins drain into (5)
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