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Across Down
5 a book that is published by a school each year and that shows the activities at the school during that year
8 a public fountain to provide a jet of drinking water
9 a group of people who compete in a sport, game, etc., against another group
10 principal domains of knowledge that are studied in school
11 a ceremony at which degrees or diplomas are given out
12 a game for 2 players each of whom moves 16 pieces according to fixed rules across a checkerboard and tries to checkmate the opponent's kin
14 group of young women who shout out special songs or chants to encourage their team
15 coming from a different place or country
16 small box for food
1 a place where books, magazines, and other materials are available for people to use or borrow
2 a usually rectangular piece of fabric that is used as a symbol (as of a nation), as a signaling device, or as a decoration
3 something adopted by a group as a symbol to bring them good luck
4 the art or activity of performing a role in a play, show, etc
6 a school where students can live during the school term
7 a formal song of loyalty, patriotism, or happiness
13 a formal dance for high school students usually at the end of the school year
17 an organized company of singers
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