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Hinduism, Buddhism, And Ancient India Crossword Puzzle

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Hinduism, Buddhism, and Ancient India

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Across Down
4 freedom from prejudice
7 a religion that began in India, out of Hinduism
8 a long poem telling the story of a warrior about to go in battle
11 Indian impire founded by Chandragupta, beginning with his kingdom in northeast India and spreading to most of the northern and central India
13 a large landmass that juts out from a continent
15 a fortress in a city
16 to move from one place to settle in another
1 a final reward for reading a proper life; a state of blessed happiness and peace
2 social classes
3 to change one's beliefs; in particular to change from one religion to another
5 the rebirth of the soul in the body of another living thing
6 books that Buddha's followers brought toether consisting of his key teachings
9 the oldest Hindu books
10 a strong wind that blows across East Asia at certain times of the year
12 a religion that started 3,000 years ago
14 an Indian prince named Siddhartha Gautama, Buddhism developed from his teachings, 'Enlightened One'
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