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History OF Fashion Crossword Puzzle Answer

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History of Fashion

    T                 I                        
    U             B E L L                      
    B                 L           M   G        
    U       R O S E B E R T I N   A   R        
    L           P     T           D   E        
J E A N H A R L O W   O           O   A        
    R           R   P             N   S        
  V   B         T H E J A Z Z S I N G E R      
P O U L A I N E S   A             A   R   C    
  T   A         I                         L    
  E   C         L I T T L E B L A C K D R E S S
      K         L                   I     O   U
            L O U I S R E A R D     T     P   M
                S               L   T     A   P
        S P O R T S W E A R     I   E     T   T
                R               N   N     R   U
            C H A R L E S J A M E S       A   A
            O   T               N             R
            R   E       P                     Y
            S   D O N N A K A R A N            
            E       Y   C   R                  
            T       L   M   T                  
                    O   A                      
                    N   N                      
Across Down
3 popular silhouette in the 18th century
6 first designer. designed for Marie Antoinette
8 major fashion influencer in the 1930s
12 First full movie with sound
13 Pointed Shoes, Pointer the shoe-the higher the social status
15 Made this type of 'outfit' popular
18 Created the bikini
20 Anne Klein greatly influenced this style of clothing
21 Made the gowns that influence today's prom dresses
23 Person that kept Anne Klein's buisness going after she died
1 This type of heel was invented in the 1950s
2 Popular silhouette in the 1980s
4 popular female influence in the 80s
5 person wth greasy hair, bad boy of the 1950s
7 Published the first swimsuit issue
9 Yves Saint Laurent created this style of coat
10 Women won the right to do this in the 1920s
11 essential color Coco Chanel used in her designs
14 one of the most famous queens in all history
16 What 1.5 to 2 inch heels are called
17 Laws that determined social classes
19 majorly ppopular fabric in Ancient Egypt
21 Popular in the gothic age, usually wore with big poofy skirts
22 Game that was invented in the gothic age
24 created and introduced in the mid-1930s
25 Yves Saint Laurent based his fashion upon works of __
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