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History OF Literature Crossword Puzzle

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History of Literature

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Across Down
1 A work, as a novel or play, that exposes folly (foolishness) by the use of humor or irony:
3 verse form used in The Canterbury Tales
5 long narrative poem dealing with the adventures of a hero.
8 author of Gulliver's Travels
9 These people inhabited Britain in prehistoric times.
10 Individual is less important.
12 Art and Literature in the Middle Ages was inspired by the ...
13 ... and Greek are examples of languages which do not have any native speakers.
14 a short play based on Bible fragments or on Saints' lives performed by Guilds
16 Monster in Beowulf
17 author of Robinson Crusoe.
18 Rebirth
19 author of The Canterbury Tales
21 Rhyme scheme in ballads
22 verse form in Beowulf
24 Seize The Day in Latin
29 Life on earth was seen as essentially a preparation for the hereafter.
31 Scottish, Irish and Welsh are ... languages
32 Beowulf was of an ... nature as people couldn't read or write.
33 Gulliver's Travels is about which of the Seven Deadly Sins?
2 Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet, Othello and King Lear are examples of ...
4 The battle of ... marked the end of het Old English period.
6 Religion which was predominant during The Middle Ages
7 14 lines of which the last two are a rhyming couplet.
9 the way a perfect knight should be
10 The pilgrims described in The Canterbury Tales were on their way to ...
11 The individual regarded as important in his own right.
15 English and Dutch are ... languages
20 This theme never occurs in Old English poetry.
23 a song in which a story is told
25 no physical contact but adoration from a distance.
26 Indo-European languages can be devided in Satem (east) and ... (west) languages.
27 England's greatest nature poet
28 a story in which one or more stories are told
30 symbolic, allegorical play
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