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History OF Psychology Crossword Puzzle

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History of Psychology

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Across Down
3 Drilling a hole in the head to let the evil spirits out
5 Belief that all animals and moving objects possess spirits controlling movements and thoughts
7 Decartes theory that all reality cound be divided into mind or matter
9 Psychology referred to as animal psychology because it follows behaviors of a variety of species
13 Psychology that studies changes of behavior over the course of one' lifespan
14 French philosopher and mathematician who viewed the body as a machine
15 Proposed by Wundt and involves introspective analysis of individual elements of consciousness
16 Greatest contribution was his doctrin of specific nerve energies
17 Founded by Charles Darwin and concerned with the processes of conscious activity
20 Looking within to describe memories, perceptions, cognitive processes and motivations
22 1st Psychology Lab in Leipzig, Germany
1 Most important psychologist to embrace functionalism
2 The study of the relationship between environment and behavior based on observation
4 Psychology that studies the individual differences in temperament and patterns of behavior
6 Psychology that studies the effects people have on one another's behavior
8 Causal factors responsible for a behavior's occurence
10 A science with a specific focus on behavior
11 An automatic response to a stimuli
12 Proposed the Law of Effect
18 Law of just noticeable difference - the abilities of people to distinguish between two similar stimuli
19 The belief that all knowledge is obtained through observation and experience
21 Locke's theory that all infants are born with a blank slate
23 Psychology that embraces human experience, choice, creativity, self-realization and postive personal growth
24 Reality can be known only thorugh an understanding of the physical world of which the mind is a part
25 Area of belief that behavior is the result of prior events
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