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Holes Crossword Puzzle

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Use the hints to determine which item from the story Holes is being described

              1                   2                      
                          4           5                  
        7     8   9                                      
            12                             13              
15                             16                          
                          17           18                  
      20   21                                              
                            25     26           27          
                  28   29                                  
                                30           31            
Across Down
8 In love with Myra Menke
10 A famous baseball player
12 Katherine Barlow's profession before becoming an outlaw
14 What Mr. Sir ate instead of smoking cigarettes
15 The gypsy woman that gave advice to Elya Yelnats
20 There is no actual lake here
23 The most feared outlaw in all the West
24 Jose's nickname
28 Secret ingredient to Warden's nail polish.
30 Couldn't read or write, but good at math.
31 Ricky's nickname
32 Alan's nickname
33 The name of Sam the onion man's donkey.
34 Ms. Morengo's profession
35 Katherine Barlow won the award for these every year.
1 Armpit's real name
2 What Stanley was accused of stealing
3 Nicknamed 'Caveman'
4 X-Ray claims that his is shorter than everyone else's
5 Stanley's full name is on this
6 What Sam sold in Green Lake one hundred years ago
7 Where the campers hang out when they are not digging holes.
9 One bite from it and you will die a slow and painful death
11 Stanley is a part of this group.
13 Stanley thought he could also find refuge here
15 Was pursued by Elya Yelnats
16 These needed to be 5x5 at Camp Green Lake
17 Rex's nickname
18 Stanley took his old cot at Camp Green Lake
19 What the Warden owned at Camp Green Lake
21 Stuck in the face by Zero
22 What Elya Yelnats had to carry up a mountain everyday
25 The bully that had bothered Stanley at school
26 Stanley attempted to steal this
27 The author of Holes
29 Earned his nickname because his feel smelled like fish.
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