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Spelling Words

                              1   2                      
                      5     6                            
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Across Down
3 a garden plant with edible leaves and a thick sweet root used as a vegetable, as a source of sugar, or as forage.
4 past of eat.
6 to be with with: TROUBLE; to be unwell.
7 one more than seven.
8 a sandy or gravelly part of the shore of an ocean or lake.
10 devoid of customary or natural covering: NAKED.
12 of low pitch.
13 an alcoholic beverage brewed from malt and hops that is usually more bitter than beer.
14 I shall; I will.
15 lacking a natural or usual covering (as of hair).
1 any of numerous 4-winged insects (as honeybees or bumblebees).
2 any of a family of small social insects related to the bees.
3 to strike repeatedly; a rhythmic throbbing, contraction, and expansion or vibration: PULSATION.
5 a passage between sections of seats.
8 any of a genus of deciduous hardwood trees with smooth gray bark and small sweet triangular nuts.
9 the sister of one's father or mother.
10 the lowest part or place: BOTTOM.
11 a long loud cry: BELLOW.
12 any of a family of large heavy mammals with shaggy hair and small tails.
15 used with past participle of transitive verbs as a passive voice auxiliary.
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