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Horse Sense Crossword Puzzle

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Horse Sense

          3       4                  
  5 6           7                    
        11   12                        
                        14 15          
      16                             17
  20                               21  
                        22   23        
  24   25                              
    26                 27 28            
  30     31                            
33 34           35                      
Across Down
5 A small callus type growth on the back of the fetlock
7 What kind of practice makes perfect
8 One eighth of a mile in horse racing
9 How many tracks are in haunches in
11 A callus type growth on the inside of each leg
14 I have no stride
16 Forward is an __________, not a speed
18 How many feet in a horse's stride
19 Another term for founder
20 The overall winner
22 Type of martingale that attaches to the reins
24 A pet peeve of Diane's
26 Hands, Legs, Voice, Seat, & Weight are what kind of aids
27 How many beats in a horse's walk
30 Top rein on a pelham bit
33 A circular arrangement of hairs usually on a horse's neck
35 The horse is a member of this genus
1 I support the saddle but have no leaves
2 Which equitation finals is held in the Altec ring
3 What part of the horse is similar to the human knee
4 The 'father of classical horsemanship'
6 Tracking left which lead is the counter canter
10 How many strides in a 72' line
12 The art & practice of horsemanship
13 The left side of the horse
15 Which rein is often called the 'forgotten' rein
17 Which direction do you start in a flat class
21 Part of the horse equivalent to the human wrist
23 Who gets judged in a medal class
25 Legume rich in protein, calcium, vitamins, & minerals
28 A jump set on 2 planes
29 What are jumper heights measured in
31 Female horse 4 years and younger
32 Bottom rein on a pelham bit
34 What joint sits between the gaskin and cannon bone
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