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How And Why Did Australia Become A Nation%3f Crossword Puzzle

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How and Why did Australia Become a Nation?

            6                       7   8
Across Down
4 What do the two territories have instead of a governor?
5 The side that the government sits on
6 The person who is represented by the British Monarch.
9 A written report of Parliament discussions
10 Specific areas that the government runs.
11 What Parliament holds to elect candidates into Parliament.
12 The day that elections are held.
13 The party that has the most seats in the Legislative Assembly made up of the Prime Minister and Ministers.
15 Instead of a Premier the two territories have a ...?
1 The type of Parliament person who usually introduces bills.
2 A printed report of any debates in Parliament.
3 The place where the votes are sent after they have been counted
7 The only way the Australian Federal Constitution can be changed.
8 The oldest political party
14 The name of a law that is being debated on in both Houses of Parliament.
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