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How Well Do I Recall

Manage Performance Management Systems/People

                              1       2              
      3                 4                            
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    8     9                                          
            16     17                                  
19                                       20            
                    21     22       23                  
Across Down
8 Usually one line descriptors of job tasks that include what has to be done and to what standard ie A .... Objective
12 Another HR function that, together with PMS, help to get the best out of employees
14 Important consideration when allocating tasks to a job role
15 Jobs should be designed towards helping to achieve departmental..... plans
17 Essential role of Line Management when it comes to PMS
19 Reward and ..... programs
21 Risk Management strategy adopted when designing jobs and their tasks
24 We also described our PMS as...... , given the dynamics of the business environment
25 Manging jobs are designed on the basis of this document
26 We described our PMS as continuous, ie.....
27 Our best practice PMS involves managing people through..... broad phases
28 Employees should be encouraged to participate in PMS's via .... management
1 PMS are directed towards improving whose performance
2 Proper monitoring can allow this to happen
3 Word often written in Codes of Conduct
4 We described our best practice PMS as a ......
5 Essential role of HR Departments when it comes to PMS
6 Abbreviation for Performance Management System
7 When disciplinary and other action is taken
9 Important informal management process during Phase 2 of our best practice PMS
10 Structuring of Job Descriptions to give broad responsibilities on employees
11 Many jobs tasks are shaped and designed around this piece of legislation
13 Phase 1 of our best practice PMS
16 ' To meet and greet customers in a friendly and helpful manner ' would be an example of a ....
18 Something that can be discussed and actioned in all phases of our PMS
20 Collecting evidence
22 A best practice PMS is intended to ultimately steer employees towards achieving.... goals
23 Phase 3 of our best practice PMS
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