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How Work IS Changing Crossword Puzzle

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How Work Is Changing

Complete the puzzle by printing the word in ALL capital letters. Two words no space, no hyphens.

                  2                   3    
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15                                   16      
Across Down
2 activities people do for others for a fee
6 all the world's economies and how they are linked
7 the need for workers and the kinds of work available to them
9 using outside resources and/or people to do tasks traditionally done within a company or country
10 a work history of one or mor jobs in the same or related fields of interest
12 equal employment opportunity for all, regardless of gender
14 a set of related skills and experienes
15 all people over the age of 16 who work or are seeking work
18 flexible work arrangement that allows two part-time employees to divide one full-time job
19 work at home
20 refers to the ways people make, buy, and sell goods and services
1 the buying and selling of goods and services over the Internet
3 how you use your time, energy, and other resources
4 items that people buy
5 workers with different backgrounds, experiences, ideas, and skills
8 work that people do for pay
11 a group of people who work together to set goals and make decisions to solve problems
13 40 hour work week
16 work schedule that allows workers to choose work hours that fit their particular needs
17 a change over a period of time
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