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Human Biology Crossword Puzzle

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Human Biology

Intro to Anatomy

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Across Down
5 Structure made of two or more types of tissue that performs a specific function
12 Irritability, the ability to sense stimuli in the enviironment and react to it
13 System that produces offsprings
15 System that is composes the oute body covering, hair, skin, nails
17 System that circulates blood, with nutrients, oxygen and wastes
19 The basic/smallest unit of matter
20 Large structures that can be seen with naked eye. Gross structures
22 System that keeps blood supplied with oxygen and let the gaseous exchange occur
24 The regeneration of cell or the or the production of a new organism
26 Studies system by system
31 A group of similiar cells that have a common function
32 Element necessary for a chemical reaction it release energy from food
33 System that picks up fluids, houses white blood cells, and disposes of debris
34 The smallest unit of a living organism
1 System that secretes hormones and regulates processes
2 Removal of waste from the body
3 Chemical materials used for energy and cell building
4 The breaking down of ingested food materials so it can be used by the cells
6 Breaks down food so it can be used and eleminates things that can not be broken down
7 A complete living thing
8 Study of tissues
9 System of control and responds to internal and external changes
10 Two or more atoms chemmically combined
11 System that allows movement, and produces heat
12 Studies parts in one area such as the arm or leg
14 Study of functioning of body structures
16 makes up ;arge percentage of the body, provides watery environment for chemical reactions
18 Study of cellular anatomy
21 System that eliminates nirtogenous waste and regulates water, electrolytes and etc
23 basic components of cells
25 Study of human before birth
26 System that protects and supports the body
27 A group of related organs that accomplish a common purpose
28 Study of structures too small to be seen with juct the human eye
29 Study of structure of body parts and their relationship to each other
30 A term that refers to all chemical reactions that occur in the body cells
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