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Human Biology Crossword Puzzle

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Human Biology

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Across Down
3 Where sound is converted
8 Pressure inside the eye rises
10 Accounts for approximately 95% of these glucocorticoids
11 Located at the surface of many of these folds
13 Respond to forms of mechanical energy, such as waves of sound, changes in fluid pressure, physical touch or pressure, stretching, or forces generated by gravity and acceleration
14 A colored, disk-shaped muscle that determines how much light enters the eye
16 Respond to the pressure of chemicals in the nearby area
19 Originate from receptors present at more than one location in the body
20 Respond to tissue damage or excessive pressure or temperature
21 One of the two fluid-filled chambers of the vestibule
22 Originate from receptors that are restricted to particular areas of the body, such as ears and eyes
24 The central region of the retina
25 Respond to head or cold
27 Mixes food
30 Sensory input that causes some change within or outside the body
31 Is both an endocrine gland and an exocrine gland
32 Respond to light
35 One of the two fluid-filled chambers of the vestibule
36 The first region of the small intestine that is only about 10 inches long
37 The adjustable opening in the center of the iris
38 The outermost layer of the GI tract wall
39 Raises blood sugar
41 The innermost tissue layer of the GI tract
1 Comprising primarily photoreceptor cells, neurons, and a few blood vessels
2 Understanding what the sensation means
4 Mast cells release this into the local interstitial fluid in response to tissue injury or the presence of an allergen
5 Hormone produced by the thyroid gland that cointains four molecules of iodine
6 Hormone primarily responsible for regulating the amounts of sodium and potassium in the body
7 A muscular, expandable sac that performs the following three important functions
9 A transparent, flexible structure attached by connective tissue fibers to a ring or circularly arranged smooth muscle
12 Some Sensory inputs are ignored after a while because of this
15 A layer of connective tissue containing blood vessels, lymph nodes, and nerves.
17 When the central nervous system recieves these impulses we often experience this
18 Loss of hearing
23 Propels food forward
26 Sometimes called the 'hormone of darkness'
28 Substances in food that are required for growth, reproduction, and the maintenance of health
29 The third layer of GI tract tissue
33 Literally 'ear stones'
34 The lens becomes opaque
40 The watery mixture of partially digested food and gastric juice that is delivered to the small intestine
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