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Human Body Systems Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Human Body Systems

                N       M     E N E R G Y
                E   O   U     X          
                R   R   S     C E L L S  
                V   G   C     R          
                O   A   U     E          
                U   N   L     T          
            R E S P I R A T I O N        
D I O X I D E       S   R     R          
            P       M         Y          
          H O M E O S T A S I S          
            D                   O        
            U                   X        
            C I R C U L A T O R Y        
            T                   G        
          D I V I S I O N       E        
            V                   N        
          R E S P I R A T O R Y          
              K         I                
              E         S                
              L         S                
              E         U                
              T         E                
            W A T E R   S                
Across Down
3 By-products of respiration are carbon dioxide, water, and _____
5 Basic life functions of an organism are carried on by ______
6 Process where cells use oxygen to release stored energy
7 Carbon ________ is removed from the blood by the respiratory system
8 Ability to maintain a stable internal environment
10 Organ system responsible for transporting needed materials to the cells and carrying wastes away from the cells
11 A broken bone heals through the process of cell _____
12 Organ system responsible for exchange of gases between the blood and environment
15 Substance needed for all living things to survive
1 Skeletal, muscular, and ______ body systems work together to allow locomotion
2 Organ system responsible for moving the body
3 Organ system responsible for removing liquids and gaseous wastes from the body
4 A collection of organ systems
6 Organ system responsible for producing offspring
9 Gas transported by circulatory system and used by all cells
13 The nervous system coordinates the muscular and ______ systems when running to escape danger
14 Cells come together to make _____
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