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Human Need Crossword Puzzle

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Human Need

          2 3                              
                  12         13              
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Across Down
2 transferring feeling from one object or person, usually because the person cannot direct the feeling to the person responsible
4 A unconscious acts that helps a person deal with an unpleasant situation or socially unacceptable behavior, are the main indirect methods.
5 action are opposite to how you feels
6 placing the blame for one's own action and inadequacies or hostile feelings onto someone else or on circumstance rather than accepting responsibility for the action
8 using a reasonable excuse or acceptable explanation for behavioral in order to aviod the real reason or true movtivation
9 trivializing significance of one's behavior
10 dreamlike thought process that occur when a person is awake
14 Substituting one goal for another goal in otder to achieve success
1 unconscious mechanism that keeps threatening thoughts, feelings, and desires from consciousness
3 use of academic-type explanation to separate personal feeling from painful event
7 Emotional conflicts or tensions are converted into physical symptom, that have no physical cause
11 Disbelief of an event or idea that is too frighting or shocking for a person to cope with
12 reverting to an earlier stage in development in the face of extreme stress
13 creasing to communicate or physically removing oneself from a conflict or painful situation
15 the individual is aware of the unacceptable feeling or thoughts and refused to deal with them
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