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I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings Crossword Puzzle

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I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Complete the crossword below

                            4     5          
  6               7                          
8                               9            
      12         13                            
        18                         19          
                          20   21              
      24   25                                  
Across Down
8 Teacher who makes Marguerite feel equal
9 He sent Marguerite a Valentine
10 When Marguerite runs away she goes to live in the _____
13 Marguerite feels like she belongs in this city
14 The name given to Marguerite by her Mrs.Cullinan
15 Marguerite's first white love
16 Owner the store
17 White speaker's graduation speech that made Marguerite angry and sick, Mr._____
18 Where Marguerite drove fro the first time
19 Marguerite's brother
22 Momma's last name
24 Mrs.____changed Marguerite's name
26 Marguerite's mother
1 Bailey stayed after the movie because the whit actress looked like his _____
2 Marguerite's first friend
3 Mr. ___ saw his dead wife in a dream
4 Mr.______ sexually abused Marguerite
5 Mrs. ____ gave Marguerite the gift of books
6 Marguerite describes Bailey as her _____ come
7 Mr. Freeman was sentenced to _____
11 Boxer's victory that was important to the black comunity
12 Powhite____ mocked momma
20 Johnson children's method of travel to Stamps
21 Bailey's first love
23 What Louise taught Marguerite to do
25 Dr.______ refused to treat Marguerite's tooth
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