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Immune System Crossword Puzzle

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Immune System

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Across Down
6 My skin, tonsils, thymus, mucus, saliva, tears, blood cells, spleen, lymph nodes, and lymphatic system are all included in this.
7 The outermost layer of skin is called this.
8 This is a network of vessels throughout my body that collects and distributes lymph fluid and filters out bacteria and germs.
10 This spongy material, inside of my bones, produces blood cells.
11 Some of these are good and help keep us healthy, like those that live in our guts.
12 This is the first defense against germs getting into my body.
13 Another name for white blood cells. They battle germs. The top three are macrophages, neutrophils, and lymphocytes.
16 These blood cells help my blood stick together and make a scab.
18 These organisms get their nutrition from plants, animals, and people, and live in damp, warm places. They can cause athlete's foot.
1 This organ, in my upper left abdomen, keeps my blood clean and ready to fight germs by removing old blood cells from my blood.
2 These cells are called 'killer cells' and they work like detectives to find germs and kill them.
3 Babies are born with this gland that produces T-cells, a type of white blood cell that kills germs.
4 Germs that need to be inside living cells to grow and make copies of themselves. They make us sick with things like chickenpox, measles, the flu, and even COVID-19.
5 These blood cells fight infection
9 This substance in my nose and respiratory tract traps germs, breaks them down, and removes them from my body.
14 This fluid that is constantly being produced in my mouth has special enzymes to help break down germs.
15 Living things that cause disease and are so small you need to see them with a microscope.
16 These one-celled organisms like warm, and damp places and spread disease through water. They can cause infections that give you tummy trouble.
17 This fluid traps germs and bacteria and protects my eyes.
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