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Imperialism IN India Crossword Puzzle

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Imperialism in India

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Across Down
2 The belief that is the obligation of white people to provide for and enlighten native people
7 The city captured by the Sepoys during their rebellion
8 A privately owned company that conducted trade in Asia, or the 'East Indies'
11 The rebellion of Hindu and Muslim soldiers against the British
12 Nickname given to India by the British Empire
14 The most valuable of Britain's colonies
15 The establishment of colonies in foreign lands that have been taken under control by a nation
16 The change from a traditional culture to one more similar to western nations
1 A religious group that had been hostile towards the Mughals and remained loya to the British
3 A colony is self-governed with an imperialist power still in control
4 British rule over India under Queen Victoria
5 The collapsing empire that ruled India prior to British control
6 Indian soldiers hired by the British
9 The religion of the empire controlling India prior to British rule
10 A crop grown to be sold for profit
13 A major cash crop in India that was then shipped to China
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