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Individual Securities Crossword Puzzle

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Individual Securities

      1     2                              
Across Down
1 four part test that states a security is 1. an investment of money made into. 2. a common enterprise. 3. with the expectation of profit. 4. through the efforts of a third party.
3 issued to raise sufficient capital for its expected needs. in most cases, a company does not issue all the authorized shares
4 cash and currency, fixed annuities, life insurance (whole and term), a personal residence, commodities and future contracts.
5 this is classified as authorized, issued, outstanding, and treasury
6 this is a commodity, not a security. there is no third party management. SEC treats this as a commodity
7 a hard asset such as gold, beef, orange, juie or oil.
8 is authorized stock that has been sold to investors. they use unissued shares for future needs including. raising new capital for expansion, paying stock dividend, exchanging common stock for outstanding convertible bonds or preferred stock.
9 an intangible financial asset that may be bought, sold or gifted between persons.
2 stocks, bonds, notes, debentures (all types of debt), options, mutual funds, jumbo CDs, depositary receipts, units in an investment, variable life and variable annuities.
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