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Inequality IN The Workplace Crossword Puzzle

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Inequality in the Workplace

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Across Down
3 Women and older workers can sometimes have consequences in the work place for no specific reason, when a woman is also in the older worker category, this can be referred to as _______________
4 Older workers have higher rates of _________________ compared to other workers
5 Low-income individuals are usually stuck in a job, which they are unable to leave due to limited financial resources and limited skills training and therefore, cannot find a better job working _____________
7 Older workers need to feel that they are ____________ to the company
8 Younger workers have lower rates of ____________________ when compared to older workers
9 The need for the new and vitality of youth
10 Organization need to ______________ in order to keep their company relevant
12 Older workers tend to enjoy being ___________________ for their younger co-workers
1 The perspective that people with authority place older workers in the wrong department because of a deficit view on aging
2 This type of aging encourages older individuals to accept responsibility for their health
3 The _______________ model, links stereotypic beliefs to discriminatory behaviour in hiring situations
6 Individuals who have little to no money and very few material possessions
11 This is a prejudice or discrimination against someone because of their age
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