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Information Technology Crossword Puzzle

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Information Technology

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2 A barrier between a network and the Internet through which only authorized users can pass; set of security policies to screen incoming and outgoing messages; also used to isolate one part of a network from another.
4 Sonar concept implemented with the Echo Request and Echo Reply application; basic connectivity test between two TCP/IP network devices.
6 Number of times a wave repeats a cycle in a one-second period; measured in cycles per second, or hertz.
9 Desk space of the computer system; microchips located on the motherboard that hold data and instructions for the CPU (central processing unit).
10 specification that allows mobile phones, computers, and PDAs to be connected wirelessly over short ranges
11 Can hold over seven times as much information as CDs; drives are backward- compatible with CD-ROM drives.
14 Large data storage devices permanently mounted in the computer's case.
16 Logical address assigned to every workstation, server, printer, and router on any interconnected network.
18 Set of rules used to control the exchange of information that is understood by the transmitter and receivers.
20 typical form of xDSL telephone companies offer to residences
1 client applications that access WWW servers
3 Network that operates within a small geographic area, usually within a building, office, or department.
5 An artificial demarcation point or interface point between communications entities.
7 keeps data the processor is likely to need quickly close at hand; increases processor operation speed
8 optical storage device read by lasers; can hold up to 700 megabytes of data
10 the standard size of data in a computer; 8-bits
12 Brain of the computer system where calculations and decisions are made; also referred to as the CPU.
13 A unit of information storage; not to be confused with MB or megabytes.
14 Physical devices located on a desk or in a server-room rack.
15 Most commonly used protocol designed to change the packets into electrical signals that can be sent out over the wire.
17 contraction of the expression “binary digit”; smallest unit of data in a computer
19 the brain of the computer system where calculations and decisions are made; also referred to as the processor
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