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Insects Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
5 simple eyes
6 a pesticide that has been banned in the United States
11 an instect order meaning toothed
12 an insect order meaning hair wings
13 an organ of stridulation
14 an insect order meaning scale wings
16 the wormlike, eating stage of an insect undergoing complete metamorphosis
17 a protective egg case
18 a process of change
22 the hard forewings of a beetle
23 an insect order meaning membrane wings
24 a beaklike projection of some beetles
25 an insect order meaning sheath wings
26 side-to-side jaws
29 an insect order meaning nerve wings
30 an insect order meaning half wings
1 tiny, hairlike sense organs
2 a living storage tank
3 an insect order meaning same wings
4 a lancelike structure used by mosquitoes
6 an insect order meaning two wings
7 a lepidopteran that is usually nocturnal
8 a saclike organ for storing nectar
9 a suffix meaning feet
10 production of light by living organisms
11 an egg-laying organ
15 a common social insect with a stinger
19 an insect's upper lip
20 a soft, protective covering of a moth pupa
21 a hard, protective covering of a butterfly pupa
27 a mail bee
28 an insect's lower lip
31 to shed the exoskeleton
32 the resting stage of an insect undergoing complete metamorphosis
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