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Integumentary System Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Integumentary System

                        C                 F                        
      H                 A           P     L                        
      E   P             R           H   M E L A N I N              
      M   A             O     E     E     X                        
      A   P             T     R     O     I                        
  S   T   I         M   E     Y     M     O                        
  T   O   L         O   N     T     E     N           P            
D E R M A L P A I L L A E     H     L     L           A            
  M   A   A     N   E         E     A     I           L            
  C       R     T             M     N     N       K   L            
  E       Y     E P I D E R M A L R I D G E S   H E M O G L O B I N
  L             G                   N     S       R   R            
  L   S T R A T U M C O R N E U M             E   A                
  S     A       M                             P   T H I N S K I N  
        C     D E N R I T I C C E L L S       I   I                
    H   T       N                             D   N                
    E   I     S T R A T U M S P I N O S U M   E   O                
    M   L       A                             R   C Y A N O S I S  
    A   E   E   R E T I C U L A R L A Y E R   M   Y                
    N   C   X   Y                             I   T                
    G   E   F   S U B C U T A N E O U S T I S S U E                
    I   L   O   Y                                 S K I N          
    O   L   L   S T R A T U M G R A N U L O S U M                  
    M   S   I   T                           T   E                  
    A       A   E   E             D A N D E R   L                  
    S T R A T U M L U C I D U M             A   A                  
      H     E       M     E                 T   N                  
      I             E     R                 U   O                  
      C             L     M                 M   C                  
      K             A   J A U N D I C E     B   Y                  
      S             N     T                 A   T                  
      K             I     O       D E R M I S   E                  
      I             N     L                 A   S                  
      N                   O                 L                      
                          G             F R E C K L E S            
Across Down
6 helps with skin color
11 fingerlike extensions
14 downward waves are extensions of the epidermis
15 a red pigment of blood
16 consists of up to 30 layers of dead, scaly, keratinized cells that form a durable surface layer
19 has an epidermis about 0.1mm with a thin stratum corneum
20 found in two layers of the epidermis and originate in the bone marrow
22 consists of several layers of keratinocytes
23 blueness of the skin resulting from a deficiency of oxygen in the circulating blood
25 is deeper and much thicker
26 has more areolar and adipose tissue
27 body's largest and heavies organ
28 consists of three to five layers of flat keratinocytes
32 composed of clumps of dander stuck together by sebum (oil)
33 a thin zone superficial to the stratum granulosum, seen only in thick skin
36 a yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes resulting from high levels of bilirubin in the blood
37 connective tissue layer, ranges from 0.2mm to 0.4mm
38 flat melanized patches that vary with heredity and exposure to the sun
1 yellow pigment acquired from egg yolks and yellow vegetables
2 the lines on the flexor surfaces of the digits, palms and wrists
3 or bruise, is a mass of clotted blood showing through the skin
4 a reddish yellow sulfur-containing pigment
5 a thin zone of areolar tissue in and near the dermal papillae
7 abnormal redness of the skin
8 undifferentiated cells that divide and give rise to the keratinocytes
9 an elevated patch of melanized skin often with hair
10 pale or ashen color that occurs when there is so little blood flow through the skin
12 consists of the skin and its accessory organs
13 named for their role in synthesizing keratin
17 few in number, receptors for touch, associated with an underlying dermal nerve fiber
18 keratinized stratified squamous epithelium
21 patches of skin discolored by benign tumors fo the blood capillaries
24 flake off
29 consists mainly of a single layer of cuboidal to low comumnar stem scells
30 synthesize the brown to black pigment melanin
31 brownish black form of melanin
34 covers the palms, soles, and corresponding surfaces of the fingers and toes
35 study of the integumentary system or skin
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