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Internal Anatomy OF The Earthworm Crossword Puzzle

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Internal Anatomy of the Earthworm

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Across Down
2 __________ blood vessel, major blood distrivubtion vessel
4 produce sperm
6 bulbous organ that enlarges adn produces suction at the mouth
7 system that integrates and controls body processes
9 pharyngeal ganglion
13 located between the body wall and the digestive tract
14 type of peritoneum
15 True or False. There is no contact between egg cells and sperm cells within a single earthworm.
16 refers to the inside
17 system that is responsible for producing sex cells
18 mass of nervous tissue containing many nerve cells
20 membrane that lines the cavities of an earthworm
22 to produce offspring, earthworms must __________.
23 collects sperm and passes it on
24 transport system of body, supplies oxgyen and nourishment to body cells
26 tube within the intestine, functions to increse asbsorptive suface area
27 name of glands taht neutralize acid foods
28 part of digestive system, secretes enzymes
29 structure where sperm is stored after mating
31 muscular organ that breaks down food into a fine pulp before passing to the intestine
32 seminal ____________ where sperm matures and is stored
33 __________blood vessel, major blood collecting vessel
34 produce eggs
1 system that functions to break down food into simple components that can later be used
3 tubular passage between pharynx and crop
5 beds in circulatory system that pick up nutrients, oxygenate blood, and cleanse it of waste
8 5 pairs of aortic loops
10 where digestion and absorption of food takes place
11 excretory organs, act like kidney
12 like a spinal cord
13 swollen glandular region that secretes a cocoon
19 term meaning job, task, or purpose
21 expanded chamber that functions to store food for short periods of time
25 termination point of intestine
30 system that removes metabolic waste products from blood
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