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International Finance Crossword Puzzle

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International Finance

                      1         2   3   4              
      7           8                                    
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        14                               15              
                16                         17            
              20                       21                
  22                       23                            
Across Down
7 New building purchased in Indonesia is in this city
9 Where you purchase your finished goods from
10 He studied accounting before becoming a rock n' roll star
12 Report showing your revenue, expenses, net income or net loss
14 Something the company owns and has a life of more than one year
15 The system everyone is waiting for!
16 What runs but doesn't get anywhere
17 What state gave its first public accountant exam in 1896
19 Beverly Hills luxury hotel purchased by the Chen's
20 Something the company owns and is typically consumed in one year
22 The World's earliest accountants
24 Sunrider entity recognized for manufacturing excellence for 15th consecutive year
1 He was arrested for tax evasion although he was responsible for crimes ranging from bootlegging to murder
2 What do lawyers wear to court
3 Who checks your financial statements each year
4 The principle that relates expenses to revenues
5 Where you input your employee salary budget
6 What side of the chicken has the most feathers
8 Who made the first credit card
11 The first Chen grandchild
13 Where you input your general and admin budget
18 What kind of key opens a banana
21 Historicy London hotel purchased by the Chen's
23 Where you input your capital expenditure budget
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