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International Trade Crossword Puzzle

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International Trade

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Across Down
1 an account in a nations balance of payments that shows the flow of financial capital into and out of a nation
4 the concentration of productive efforts of individual or business firms on a limited number of activities
5 an agreement among countries to remove the barriers to trade among themselves
6 a payment by a country to its exporters, enabling them to sell their products abroad at a lower price than at home
8 the value of one nations currency stated in terms of the value of another nations currency
9 the ability of a person or a nation to produce a good at a lower cost than another person or a nation
10 a record of all exchanges between its residents and those of other nations over some time period
12 the value of goods and services bought and sold on the world market
13 a nations balance of payments that includes exports and imports of goods and services, net investment income, and net transfers
1 the ability of an individual or nation to produce a product at a lower opportunity cost than another individual or nation
2 a good or service purchased from from a seller in another country
3 a good or service sold to a buyer in another country
7 a restriction on the amount of a specific good that can enter the country from abroad
11 a duty, or tax, on imports
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