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Intro TO Computer Science Crossword Puzzle

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Intro to Computer Science

Computer Science

                    1                       2
              4                         5    
Across Down
4 a computer language that allows words and symbols to be used in an unsophisticated manner to accomplish simple task
6 a set of instructions that tells the machine(hardware) what to do
7 a digit, either 0 or 1, in the binary number system; program
8 a finite sequence of effective statements that, when applied to a problem will solve it
9 binary digit
10 the part of the CPU that controls the operation of the rest of the computer
11 a computer program that automatically converts instruction in a high level language to a machine language
12 to carry out the instructions of the program
13 a large computer typically used by major companies and universities
14 the physical computing machine and its support devices
1 a sequence of bits used to encode a character in memory
2 device that connects a computer to a telephone system to transmit
3 the particular characters that are used to represent information in a form suitable for storage, processing, and communication
4 programs designed fo a specefic use
5 the part of the CPU that performs arithmetic operations and evaluates expressions
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