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Introduction TO Japan Crossword Puzzle

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Introduction to Japan

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Across Down
3 The Japanese believe they are descended from these gods
9 to force a minority group of people to be like the majority group
10 sea wind that brings rain and snow to Japan
11 similar, alike
12 ainu gods of nature
14 Japan's most beloved flower
15 area of mountains, earthquakes, and volcanoes
18 Japanese poem
19 sun goddess
20 most important male god in Japanese mythology
21 religious festivals
22 most important female god in Japanese mythology
24 seaweed
1 giant ocean wave
2 Japan is located in this ocean
4 this land is suitable for farming
5 Pacific Ocean hurricane
6 Japan belongs to this continent
7 main island of Japan
8 Japan's nickname
12 godlike winds that defend Japan against invaders
13 ancient religion of Japan
16 Japan's most famous mountain
17 the Japanese believed this giant catfish caused earthquakes
23 native people of Japan
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