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Introduction TO Science Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Introduction To Science

                      B E A K E R   F       A L B E R T
                              Q   F O O D   C          
        R A C K               U     O       C          
G A U Z E               J U L I E   T     B I O L O G Y
        S Y M B O L S         P     W       D          
        E                     M     E       E          
      S A F E T Y       O B S E R V A T I O N          
        R             W   U   N     R       T A S T E  
        C             A   N   T         G A S          
        H Y P O T H E S I S         T         A        
                      H   E X P E R I M E N T S        
                G         N         L         T O N G S
              F L A M M A B L E     E         R        
                O         U               G   O        
                V   G   P R O T E C T I V E   N        
                E   R     N               O   O        
                S   A S S E S S M E N T   L   M        
                    V     R   C       R   O   Y        
                    I         I       I   G            
                    T         E       P   Y            
                    Y         N       O                
                              C       D                
Across Down
1 A glass container used for heating substances
4 The first name of a famous scientist
5 This is not allowed to be consumed in the science lab
6 This is used to hold test tubes in
7 This is placed on top of the tripod to spread the heat
8 This is the first name of GHS's Lab assistant
9 A Branch of Science to study living things
10 These are used to warn people of danger
11 This is of the utmost importance in the science lab
12 This is an important aspect of science
15 It is important to never do this with substances used in science experiments
16 This is used for the bunsen burner
17 This is an idea or explanation that can be tested
20 These are carried out to test ideas
22 These are used to pick up hot objects
23 Something that can easily catch alight is know as this
26 It is important to wear this gear when running experiments
27 You will have to complete one of these at the end of each unit of work
2 This must be cleaned and packed away after use
3 Closed in ones must be worn when conducting experiments
4 These must be reported to the teacher
6 This is necessary to discover new information
13 This is used for heating
14 Always do this to your hands after conducting a science experiment
18 There is one of these on each work bench for hot objects to sit on
19 A brance of Science to study the universe
21 Must be used to clean up broken glass
24 A branch of science to study the earths formation and structure
25 This is what causes an object to fall to the ground when dropped
28 Has the Power to change the world
29 You stand equipment on this when heating substances
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