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Introduction TO The Romantics Crossword Puzzle

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Introduction to the Romantics

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Across Down
4 The Romantic era saw ________ as outsiders who were often at odds with society, lived hard and died young, and used art as a way to express their inner emotions.
10 _________________________ refers to the act of ascribing human feelings and motivations to nonhuman objects.
11 Romantic __________ represents a movement toward the values of the French Revolution and a reaction against the values of Neoclassicism
13 One way nature appears in Romantic poetry is as an inspiration for _________________.
14 Another way nature appears in Romantic poetry is as a _____________________or symbol for something in the poet's inner world.
15 In Romantic poetry, the real world takes a backseat to the _____________ world of the poet.
16 In freeing themselves from the rigid, highly structured writing style of the Neoclassical writers, the Romantics created a wide variety of poetic forms and _________.
17 ____________ is the state of dealing with facts without distortion by personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretations
18 ____________ is the state of interpreting sensory experience through the filter of personal feelings, prejudices, and interpretations.
20 The influence of Romanticism was felt among ____________, artists, and musicians, but it affected all of society until about the 1830s due to Victorians and then modernists.
21 ________________________was the literacy and artistic movement from roughly 1790 to 1830 in which individual inspiration and emotion were seen as guiding principles. Nature and childhood were recurring subjects
22 The Romantics adopted a set of literary values that were almost the opposite of those of the ________________.
27 In contrast to nature, the ____ often shows up in Romantic poetry as a place of corruption, misery, and sin due to the influence of the Industrial Revolution.
28 They wanted a new model that was better suited to the expression of revolutionary ____________.
30 In its day, Romantic poetry was ____________, groundbreaking, and even revolutionary in the political sense
31 For the Romantics, the French Revolution meant the dawing of a new era of ____________, equality, and brotherhood for all
1 Many poems from the Romantic era depict nature as though it were a ____________ being with whom the poet can interact.
2 One aspect of this kind of education is to bring __________ into contact with nature.
3 For many Romantics, _____________________was the most often the inspiration for Romantic subjectivity.
5 Romantics frequently spoke of a ' ________________ of the age' that united them in their own time and separated them from the traditions of the past.
6 There are three main historical events or eras that contributed to this sense of newness: the French Revolution, the Age of ___________, and the Industrial Revolution.
7 Many Romantics were convinced that the ________ __________ signaled the arrival of a kind of paradise on earth
8 In the 1700's, the French Revolution created a sense of _____________ in Europe, a sense that a new era was dawning
9 Jean - Jacques Rousseau argued in his book Emile that society should try to draw out the basic ____________ that has been corrupted by society.
12 For the Romantics, the external world was a jumping-off point for explorations of personal ________________ and impressions.
16 _____________________was the cultural and artistic movement that rebelled against Victorian traditions and worldviews with an emphasis on innovation and a realistic depiction of the human experience (1890 to 1940).
19 The Age of Reason ( the Enlightenment) saw the emergence of a new emphasis on _____________ thought.
21 ____________, however, were interested in exploring their own emotions and private thoughts.
23 ______________ is a common theme in Romantic poetry.
24 For the Romantics, Neoclassicism's emphasis on rigid _________, wit and reason, and social commentary was too narrow and constrained.
25 William Blake paints a portrait of the city as a place where ____________ is lost.
26 Neoclassical writers thought the needs of _______ were more important than the needs of individuals.
29 The Romantics saw themselves as part of something ___________, something different from what had come before.
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