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Japan Crossword Puzzle

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History, Culture, Language, and Geography

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Across Down
6 person under the protection of a lord; vowed loyalty
9 chain of islands
13 commander of the Minamoto forces
14 Yamato prince who ruled on behalf of his aunt
16 class of people holding exceptional rank and privilege
17 form of poetry; 3 lines with 17 syllables
18 simple wooden building built near sacred tree or rock; for religious purposes
19 general who resisted Kamakura emperor and named himself shogun
21 head of a group; generally has no authority or responsibility
23 book describing the romances nd adventures of a Japanese prince
25 mental exercise to reach a greater spiritual awareness
26 religious groups
27 bond of loyalty between a lord and a vassal
30 lengthy fiction book
1 of or relating to a god
2 warriors who agreed to fight for nobels
3 powerful military lords
4 Japanese capital city in the early AD700s
5 nature spirits
7 wrote book ' The Tale of Genji'
8 'way of the spirits'
10 Japanese woman warrior
11 typhoons or divine winds
12 oldest type of pla
15 capital city in AD794
20 Samurai code of condct; ' way of the warrior'
22 belief that humans, plants, rocks, and rivers all have spirits
24 group of merchants or craftspeople during medieval times
28 commander of the military forces
29 one of the major Buddhist sects
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