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Jewelry Terminology Crossword Puzzle

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Jewelry Terminology

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Across Down
1 Extreme oxidation.
6 The process of casting non-ferris metals such as gold, siilver, bronze.
8 Wax wires.
9 Cutting away material on the inside of your work.
10 Files used with jeweler's wax.
12 Process of cutting, shaping, and polishing gem stones.
14 Who strated the small metals department at THS and designed the modern anti-freeze container & non-lead glazes?
16 Course compound used in finishing metal.
17 Anti war protester that addressed the student body in 1967
18 Type of sand paper that can be used with water.
19 The only Tantasqua student to play in the NFL.
20 Proceeding or acting in a direction awary from the center.
22 Texturing or dimpling on the surface of metal with a forming hammer.
24 To enclose; create compartments to separate colors.
25 Baked glass on copper, silver, or gold.
26 Small excessory parts used to assemble jewelry.
2 To remove temper from metal.
3 Powdered volcanic rock used for cleaning or as an abrasive.
4 Woodgrain metal in Japanese.
5 Used for shaping metal.
7 A type of gem setting.
9 Diluted boric acid used to clean metal.
11 Used to smooth and eliminate scratches and set stones.
13 Who addressed the THS student body in 1957; political?
15 Having a frequency within the audible range of the human ear.
21 Type of oven used in heating clay or metal.
23 Body of a mold used in casting and made primarily of plaster.
26 Used in soldering to keep metal clean and help solder flow.
27 Prevents oxidation.
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