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Job Application Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Job Application

                        D   P                
                        U   O                
                        C   S                
                        A   I                
                        T   T                
                        I   I                
                        O   O               S
                  P H O N E N U M B E R     E
S U P E R V I S O R                         C
                  E N D I N G S A L A R Y   R
                  V                         E
                  I N F O R M A T I O N     T
                  O                         A
                  U                         R
                  S T A R T I N G S A L A R Y
  S I G N A T U R E                 D   P    
                  M                 D   P    
          O C C U P A T I O N       R   L    
                  L                 E   I    
          A U T H O R I Z E D       S   C    
                  Y                 S   A    
    J O B T I T L E                     N    
                  R E F E R E N C E S   T    
                    M           I            
                    A           T            
                    I           I            
                    L           Z            
Across Down
4 how to call you
5 the person in charge at your job
6 how much money you made at the end of a job
7 details about you
8 how much money you made when you first got the job
11 you sign to verify that the information is true
12 job or career
13 allowed, permitted
14 what position you held at your previous employer
15 people you know that can give information about you
1 where you have attended school
2 the job you want
3 a person employed to work in an office, usually typing, filing, answering phones
4 where you worked before
9 where you live
10 the person applying for the job
16 how to contact you online
17 born in a specifc country and/or attended classes to pledge loyalty to one country
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