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John Adams Crossword Puzzle

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John Adams

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Across Down
6 Resolution that proposed that states could cancel a federal law (nullify)
7 John Adams vice president, leader of the anti-federalist party (Democrat-Republican)
9 What two countries were involved in the XYZ Affair?
10 What part of the country were most anti-federalists from?
11 Theory that said the states had rights that the federal government could not violate
12 Act that said it was illegal to write or say anything false about the government
13 In the Alien Acts, how many years would an immigrant have to live in the U.S for them to become a citizen?
14 Resolution that proposed that the state could place itself between the federal government and its citizens
15 Leader of the Federalist party
19 Writing or saying anything false or harmful about government
1 French attempted to bribe the U.S by demanding money before discussing French seizure of American neutral ships
2 Second president of the US, federalist
3 Pro-British, wanted strong federal government, favored manufacturing and trading
4 Immigrants could be sent back to their home country if president thought they were a threat, immigrants could be deployed for war
5 Pro-French, favored farming, wanted smaller federal government
8 Immigrant who is not yet a citizen
16 To cancel a federal law within a state
17 What did France want from the U.S in the XYZ Affair?
18 What part of the U.S were most federalists from?
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