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Joints Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
3 When forearm rotates medially so that the palm faces posteriorly
6 Peg-in-socket joint
8 Turning movement of a bone around the longitudinal axis
9 Disc of fibrocartilage that extends internally from the capsule and completely or partly divides the joint cavity in two
11 Nonangular movement in the posterior direction (bringing jutted jaw back in)
12 Depressing the foot or elevating the heel (pointing the toes)
14 Movement of a limb toward the body's midline
16 Bending a joint back beyond its normal range of motion
17 Joint where fibrocartilage unites the bones
18 Nearly flat surfaces of two bones slip across each other
19 Joint where the spherical head of one bone fits into a round socket in another
22 Immovable joints
23 Movement of a limb away from the body's midline
24 Moving a limb or finger so that it describes a cone in space
25 Joint where each articular surface has both convex and concave areas
26 Joint where hyaline cartilage unites the bones
29 Allows movement around one axis only
30 Lifting the foot so that its superior surface approaches the shin
34 Joint where the cylindrical end of one bone fits into a trough-shaped surface on another bone
35 Movement where you turn the sole of the foot laterally
37 Are the most movable joints and all are diarthroses
38 Movement that increases the angle between the bones, and is a straightening action
1 Moving an elevated part inferiorly
2 Freely movable joints
3 Nonangular movement in the anterior direction (jutting out the jaw)
4 Movement occurs around two axes
5 Joints that allow movement in all axes, including rotation
7 Movement that decreases the angle between the bones, bringing them closer together
10 An elongated bursa that wraps around a tendon
12 Joint where the rounded end of one bone fits into a ring that is formed by another bone plus an encircling ligament
13 Slightly movable joints
15 Joint where the egg-shaped articular surface of one bone fits into an oval concavity in another
20 Flattened fibrous sac lined by a synovial membrane
21 Where the rigid elements of the skeleton meet
27 Where bones are connected exclusively by ligaments
28 When forearm rotates laterally so that the palm faces anteriorly
31 Action by which you move your thumb across the palm enabling it to touch the tips of the other fingers on the same hand
32 Lifting a body part superiorly
33 Movement where you turn the sole of the foot medially
36 Joint whose articular surfaces are essentially flat planes and only short gliding or transitional movements are allowed
39 Occur only between the bones of the skull
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