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Joints Crossword Puzzle

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Use the hints to complete the crossword.

                5   6                                                            
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Across Down
5 replacing a diseased joint with an artificial joint
7 slightly movable joints
8 name of the upper knee joint
10 The most common chronic arthritis
11 A variant of rheumatoid arthritis that affects males.
13 when bones are forced out of alignment
14 name of the end of the big toe joint
15 name of hip bone joint
18 a term referring to a disease involving muscle or joint pain.
19 a peg in socket joint
22 Surgery done through small slits that allows the patient to leave the same day since less damage is done.
23 joint on the phalanges that allows flexion and extension
26 joint on between the metacarpal and trapezium that allows adduction and abduction
27 Moving a limb in a circle shape with a stationary center
28 a joint where fibrocartilage connects the bones
29 immovable joints
1 inflammation of the synovial membrane of a joint.
2 An inflammatory disease caused by spirochete bacteria.
3 an elongated bursa that wraps around a tendon
4 joint on the carpals that allows gliding
6 A modified hinge joint in the jaw
9 the inflammation of bursa
12 a junction of cartilage where the bones unite
16 free movable joints
17 a movement of a limb away from the body
20 the study of joints
21 an abnormal tissue that clings to articular cartilages
24 the seams in between skull bones
25 bones that are only connected by ligaments
29 when the ligaments reinforcing a joint are overstretched or torn.
30 a movement of a limb towards the body
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