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Joints Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
3 Closed suture.
6 The largest and most complex joint of the body.
9 Range of motion that uses movement in two planes.
12 Range of motion that uses movement in one plane.
13 Means 'through/apart.'
14 Pointing the toe is called _________.
16 Excessive extension beyond normal range of motion.
17 Another name for a joint.
19 Type of cartilaginous joint where fibrocartilage unites bone.
20 Join in which a bar/plate of hyaline cartilage unites the bones.
22 Fibrocartilaginous rim around glenoid cavity.
23 Attachment to movable bone.
24 Plane joint between the patella and the lower end of the femur.
27 Angular movement that decreases the joint angle.
28 Type of fibrous joint where bones are connected by ligaments, cords, or bands of fibrous tissue.
30 Site where two or more bones meet.
31 Inflammation of a joint or joints.
32 Range of motion that uses slipping movements only.
33 sacs lined with synovial membrane.
34 Means 'on both sides.'
1 A stretch or tear of a reinforcing ligament.
2 Type of fibrous joint that allows for growth during youth.
3 Immoveable joints.
4 Angular movement that increases the joint angle.
5 Range of motion that uses movement in or around all three planes.
7 Movement towards the midline.
8 Movement away from the midline.
10 Peg-in-socket joints.
11 freely movable
15 Slightly movable joints.
18 Attachment to immovable bone.
21 Bones joined by dense fibrous connective tissue.
22 Intercarpal joints use _________ movements.
25 Elongated bursa wrapped completely around the tendon that is subjected to friction.
26 Caused by bacteria transmitted by tick bites.
29 Type of joint where the articulating bones are separated by a fluid filled joint cavity.
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