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Joints Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
4 a joint where fibrocartilage unites the bone (shock absorber)
5 reverse of bending movement along the sagittal plane, (increase the angle)
6 end of joint is attached to movable joint
7 a disc or wedge of fibrocartilage separating the articular surfaces
8 occur only between bones of the skull
10 beginning of joint is attached to immovable bone
11 slightly movable joints
13 freely movable joints
15 moving a limb so that it describes a cone in space
17 point toes down
18 point toes up
20 a bar or plate of hyaline cartilage (immovable)
21 a peg-in-socket. The way teeth are embedded in their sockets.
22 a small amount of slippery fluid occupies all free space within the joint capsule
23 point toes in
24 immovable joints
25 the site where to or more bones meet.
26 continuing such movement beyond the anatomical position
32 turning of a around its own long axis
1 (back-and-forth and side-to-side) occurs when one flat bone glides on another flat bone
2 bending movement usually along the sagittal plane, (decrease the angle)
3 point mandible forward
4 the bones are connected exclusively by ligaments cords or bands of fibrous tissue
9 a flattened fibrous sacs lined with synovial membrane and contain a thin film
11 glassy-smooth hyaline cartilage covers the opposing bone surfaces
12 movement of a limb toward the body along the frontal plane
14 movement of a limb away from the body along the frontal plane
16 down movement of chewing
19 point toes out
22 bony junctions
27 turning forward (radius rotates over ulnar)
28 point mandible inward
29 up movement of chewing
30 turning backwards (radius and ulnar are parallel)
31 touch your thumb to the tips of the other fingers on same hand
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