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Lab Skills Crossword Puzzle

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Lab Skills

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Across Down
7 What is the type of mask that comes with reservoir bag?
8 Sometimes a medication comes in powder form and needs to be _________
10 What type of mask delivers precise controlled oxygen concentration
13 A commonly used isotonic solution
14 A type of trach that allows for airway passage through the vocal cords
15 At what position should a patient be in while inserting a NG tube?
17 A type of dressing that is impermeable to fluids and bacteria
19 An indwelling catheter
1 Ileostomy stool also has what kind of enzymes?
2 Type of surface wound that is common among the elderly
3 It is necessary to ______ an insulin pen before administering
4 Assess residual during continuous feedings every ________ hours
5 This medication must be administer over 30 seconds to help reduce pain and bruising
6 What type of injection do you use the Z-track method with?
9 A Stage IV pressure injury is characterized by a full-______ loss of tissue
11 Alternate feeding method through the GI system
12 Type of medication given rectally
16 What Causes redness, warmth, swelling at an IV site
17 D5 NS is an example of what kind of solution?
18 What procedure is used to verify placement of NG tube
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