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Labor Unions IN The United States Crossword Puzzle

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Labor Unions in the United States

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Across Down
3 These people arrived to the United States in extremely high numbers.
6 Passed legislation to create the United States Department of Labor.
7 Consistency in both verbal expression and physical execution are key in recognizing these leaders.
9 16% of these emloyees would support unionization while 59% would oppose.
10 This had been established by the hospitality culture to be an issue to deal with.
11 What workers did in Philadelphia in 1786 regarding wage reductions
1 Productive activity. A movement that has given workers rights and protection.
2 A group of workers that come together to try to increase wages and improve working conditions.
4 This state has a tip law that was once violated.
5 Formed during the 1800's along with the Equal Pay-Act.
8 This case took into account meal and rest period requirements by the California Supreme Court.
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