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Land Forms IN Africa South OF The Sahara Crossword Puzzle

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Land Forms in Africa South of the Sahara

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Across Down
2 A Great Lake in Africa that was named after a queen and it is about 209 miles
5 A river that goes through the democratic republic of the congo. This river is the deepest river in the world
6 A large sandy savanna in Botswana, some of Namibia, and some of South Africa
7 A lake in Tanzania that is about 360 miles long and the world's ninth longest lake
8 a valley that is in South Eastern Africa and it runs 6,000 kilometres in length
9 The world's second longest freshwater lake by volume and second deepest in the world
10 The world's oldest desert and the name means 'Vast Place'
1 A major river in northeastern Africa that is 4,160 miles long and the longest river in Africa
3 A area of mountains in Northeast Africa. some of the animals that inhabit the mountain is the Walia Ibex, Gelada Baboon and Ethiopian Wolves
4 A River that is 2,600 miles long and Africa's 3 longest lake
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