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Landscapes And Landforms Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Landscapes and Landforms

                            T         E                    
                            R         A     E              
                            A     C   T     C              
                            N     O   H   P O L A R        
            P               S     A   E     S              
            L               F     S   R     Y              
            A     F O L D M O U N T A I N   S   D          
            T     A         R     A   N     T   I          
  I N D I G E N O U S       M     L   G     E   V          
            A     L                         M   E          
            U     T E C T O N I C P L A T E S   R          
                  B                             G          
                  L I T H O S P H E R E         E          
K O S C I U S Z K O                             N          
                  C O N T I N E N T A L D R I F T   C      
                  K                                 O      
                  M U R R A Y D A R L I N G B A S I N      
                  O                         I       V      
                  U                         O       E      
                E N V I R O N M E N T       S   K A R S T  
                  T                         P       G      
                  A       L     D           H       E      
              T R I B U T A R I E S         E       N      
              A   N       N     S           R       T H A R
              N           D     E           E              
              A           S     R                          
              M           C     T                          
              I           A                                
                H Y D R O S P H E R E                      
Across Down
5 referring to the north or south poles
7 Mountains formed by folds in the earth’s crust
9 A native of a certain area or place
10 a number of ‘plates’ that the earth’s crust is broken up into
11 The layer in between the crust and mantle
12 The highest mainland mountain in Australia, located in NSW
13 Our continents slowly drifting over time
15 A drainage basin in south-east Australia
17 Our natural surroundings
18 A landscape that was formed by limestone being eroded
21 a stream that flows into a larger river
22 A desert in India; also known as The Great Indian Desert
23 All of earth’s water
1 landforms wearing away due to weather
2 when two tectonic plates are sliding against each other sideways
3 A biological community
4 A landscape next to the ocean
6 An flat elevated landform
7 Mountains formed by two tectonic plates colliding
8 A large gap between two tectonic plates
14 When two tectonic plates are moving towards each other
16 The first layer in the Atmosphere
19 an area of natural scenery
20 A dry landscape
21 A desert in the north of Australia
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