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Language Techniques Crossword Puzzle

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Language Techniques

Reach each example and identify the part or figure of speech it represents

                                  1     2                          
                          3                 4                      
        6       7                                                  
            8                               9                      
        10                               11         12                
                18                                 19                
            21       22     23         24     25   26                    
Across Down
7 If we can afford it, we will go on holiday to Australia.
8 the team played well in front of so many spectators.
9 I ran down the road quickly in order get there on time.
10 As the wind blew, the tree's arms wrapped around me.
14 'Come here.'
15 The cat sat on the kitchen floor.
16 Hey yous guys.
17 The teacher told her class to behave.
18 The children's friendship has lasted for 10 years now.
19 I'd been told a million times to not climb in that tree.
21 Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ...
27 The chair and the desk were both blue.
28 I headed overseas on a working holiday for three months.
29 I was given a script from the doctor and dropped it off the the pharmacy.
1 I live in Feilding, but my best friend, Sharon, now live in the United Kingdom.
2 The lantern went up, up, up into the night sky
3 The well-organised teacher was ready for the unruly class.
4 Please keep your feet off the green grass.
5 We had to cross our fingers and hope everything would be okay.
6 He is a tower of strength.
7 Hey mate, how are you?
9 When the weather is stormy, Wellington is often exceptionally windy.
11 After she had finished her work, we were allowed to go to lunch.
12 Mrs Smith yelled, 'Get out of my house!'
13 The clock struck two, so off we flew.
15 She sang like a strangled cat.
20 The child hid under the desk when the earthquake hit.
22 The child slurped up the last of the drink from the bottom of the glass.
23 We will finish lunch, then we will drive to Auckland.
24 My son is getting a little thin on top.
25 Mix the dry ingredients into the creamed egg and butter.
26 Mum's cooking is superlicious.
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